2015 in review

What happened in 2015 that didn’t get it’s own post (yet… I may backfill with race reports)?

First, we moved. We sold our old house, and moved in the mountains (or whatever mountains we have here. It’s still not the Alps.) We live at 2500 ft of altitude, at the very the top of the mountain. Given that we work at nearly 0, it’s a good climb. We are near parks, we may get snow this winter, amazing view… It’s paradise.

This was also my first real triathlon year. After doing a local half ironman in summer 2014, I finished two more this year: Oceanside 70.3 IRONMAN and Honu 70.3 IRONMAN in Hawaii.

27th French!? with only 2 races (rankings are best of 3 races.)

Since I had been training mostly for triathlons until Honu, I decided not to go for the Tahoe 100 mile trail run I had signed up for, and instead participate in the Vineman ironman distance triathlon.

On August 30, twins girls Alex and Fiona doubled our family size instantly.

Later this year, I tried to do a couple of ultra marathons, so ended up doing the Lake Chabot 50km, the Red Rock 50mile, and finished the year with Woodside 50km for fun. So only 3 ultras this year, but I’m glad I managed to still train and do well with the two little ones at home.


According to Strava, I ran 189 times, for 2,195km (1,364mi) in 215 hours and 54 minutes, with an elevation gain of 35,191 meters (well, I’m going to run today the 31st, so that will add a tiny bit ;))

Cycling wise, I biked 146 times, for 4,153 km in 197 hours and 39 minutes. Only 29,706 meters of elevation gain though, but because most of those miles were on the trainer.

And finally, swam 99 times for a distance of 177.3km in 74 hours and 25 minutes.

Looking forward to 2016

Once again I have Oceanside 70.3 and Honu 70.3 on my calendar, followed by Vineman 70.3 and Vineman full Ironman.

I still have to figure out what I’ll do the second half of the year. I’d like to plan on doing a 100km trail run, or maybe a 100 mile again. The calendar is full of options, I just need to decide!

And of course, all that while being a good dad :)

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