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Operation: Arduino Lo-jack

Here is my car lo-jack system I just finished prototyping. It uses an Arduino, a cellular shield with a SIM card, a GPS, and a RFID reader. The basic idea is that when I get in car, I have with me a RFID card. Before starting the engine, I have to scan the RFID card. Since it’s RFID, there is no contact needed, and the reader can be completely hidden inside the dashboard and I don’t even have to take the card out of my wallet.   Read more

Capturing keyboard events and keys with JQuery

There are tons of tutorials on how to capture keyboard events in javascript, especially to create keyboard shortcuts. However, I could not find a way to get all the actual keys that were pressed to simulate a text field. For example, punctuation, or special characters such as &, #, @…. would not be returned by String.fromCharCode(event.which) (where event.which is a normalized field created by JQuery). It turns out that using keydown and keypress events don’t do the same thing.   Read more

GNU Screen sessions - sort of.

When working on some projects, I usually have to repeat a bunch of operations every time I start a “work session”. Like cd project-dir, opening a set of terminals, running a database server, compiling and starting the server, etc. At some point I was creating a bash script that would do all that, starting xterms, etc. but that’s not really scalable. But I just found how to fake sessions with GNU screen here.   Read more

Starting a dev server with the right IP address

I often need to start a dev server with my current IP address. I don’t want to use, because other computers on the network, or mobile phones on wifi, etc, can’t access it. So I need the IP address attributed by my router to my computer. Here is how to get it in 1 line of bash: IP=`ifconfig wlan0 | \ grep 'inet addr:'| \ cut -d: -f2 | \ awk '{ print $1}'` # Then, for example start the server with: ./main --ip=$IP I suppose it works on ubuntu linux as of today, but is pretty dependent on the output of the ifconfig command.   Read more

Restore Grub after windows....


I don’t have windows… but others do, with a linux dual boot, and I sometimes have to fix their computer after windows messes up the boot partition. So in prevision of the next time I have to do it… This worked for me, on a computer that was using grub2.

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Ubuntu, KVM, vm-builder


How to set up a KVM virtual machine running Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick / JeOS, under my Ubuntu 10.10 dist.

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Fruit Jam

About a month ago I released my first publicly available Android game: Fruit Jam. Yay! Not much to say for now, except: “Try it” :) It’s free on the Android Market. Here are 2 screenshots: Fruit Jam on the Android Market Have Fun!   Read more

Quick git remote setup

After working on a project for some time, the project is way bigger, and it is necessary to backup the git client on a remote server ? On the remote server: (e.g. after ssh foo@bar.baz…) mkdi -p project/git cd git git init --bare In the local git tree git remote add barbaz foo@bar.baz:~/project/git git push --all barbaz Done ! Now, to have another copy on the remote server, for example, if the project is a web server, and you what to run the binary, etc: mkdir project/prod cd project/prod git clone ../git/ .   Read more

Android toggle "stay awake"

If you develop stuff on android, you may find yourself often going into settings, and toggle the “stay awake” setting under Development. It takes about… I don’t know… maybe 15 seconds to do so. But I do it quite often. If I don’t, I either have to unlock the phone every 3 minutes, or, if I forget to uncheck the option, my phone screen will stay on all night while charging….   Read more

Operation: Makerbot #391

The making of Makerbot #391. You can watch the video in HD on Youtube, or right here (but yeah, it’s better in HD) I built it in Dec. 2009, but I just edited the video today…. so here it is :)   Read more
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