Tri For Fun Sprint Triathlon

July 19 2014, Pleasanton CA

First triathlon! yay!


(400m) 6:49. Out of the water 24th.

So it was my first time swimming in open water, and with a wet suit. I started too fast. Kevin warned me I guess, and I had that in mind, but it was hard to gauge my speed. couldn’t see the bottom obviously, and hard to know where I was. Plus the wetsuit helping, I probably felt too easy at first.

I had no problems with other people around me though. I started somewhat on the outside to have my own space. There were a few more people to my right, and we did hit each other slightly, but nothing terrible.

About half, or 34 of the way though, I was dead… I finished the swim in breaststroke :(

Given the time, 6:49 (I normally swim at 2min/100m or more, suggesting at least 8min for this 400m swim) I definitely started waay too fast. sprinting apparently… i didn’t feel it like that at the time of course, but that’s most definitely what I actually did.

So next time, I’ll really have to start slow.



I was probably stressed a bit too much. The big problem, is that I lost the timing chip while taking the wetsuit off. And I noticed only on the bike, 2 miles later.

Besides that, I had a couple of other issues:


(11M) 30:50 (a bit less actually, hit “lap” while putting on my shoes….)

Did a half-flying mount I guess: I had my shoes on already, but jumped on the bike no problem.

I lost a few seconds at the start, figuring out my clipless pedals… They are new, with a different type of hooks (Look), and I messed up a bit. I’ll just get more practice, I’m just used to different ones.

I definitely went too easy on the bike. Looking at my HR zone, I started in 4.8 or something, so I let that settle down a bit, and then went with HR to pace myself. I think we will review those zones, or just use power. But for some reason, I thought the bike leg would take me much longer than that. Like 50 minutes. So I held back too much. I wasn’t really thinking clear on the bike.

So yeah, that felt too easy, I was still pretty fresh on the run.

Flying dismount too.


27s (I hit lap a bit too late after the bike, so it actually took me longer than 27 seconds.)

Putting on my socks was harder than expected…

Also, I first put my bike too far on the rack. Just before going, I felt bad for the next guy, so I moved my bike again in the right spot.


(5k) 21:30

The run went great. That’s actually my new PR for 5k… And as you can see on the pace graph, I kept going faster and faster during the whole 5k (except the first 200m or so)

It was not flat at all, lots of small hills, but it was fun as it was on trails.


Final time 1:01:10. So I didn’t have my timing chip anymore… :/ but according to the results, i would have finished 9th overall within the timed athletes (unless a bunch of them also left their timing chip in their wetsuit….)

Here are the results.

No one passed me in either the bike or run, but I passed a bunch of people (24th -> 9th), suggesting even more that I need to work on the swim.

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