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2015 in review

What happened in 2015 that didn’t get it’s own post (yet… I may backfill with race reports)? First, we moved. We sold our old house, and moved in the mountains (or whatever mountains we have here. It’s still not the Alps.) We live at 2500 ft of altitude, at the very the top of the mountain. Given that we work at nearly 0, it’s a good climb. We are near parks, we may get snow this winter, amazing view… It’s paradise.   Read more

Red Rock 50 Mile endurance run

(Photos in this post come from the race’s facebook page) I “prepared” very quickly for this race. I decided to do it about 8 weeks before race day, and signed up a couple of weeks later (after “checking” if I could manage to find the time and ramp up quickly enough). So not ideal preparation once again, but it’s fine, it’s just for fun, I made it work. I tried to make up for the lack of training by getting ready for this race.   Read more

Chimera 100 mile trail race

This is my race report for the Chimera 100M race, that I ran a couple of days ago on November 15 and 16 2014. Thank you! I feel like usually this section goes at the end of the document. But this time, this is clearly the most important section. I could not have made it without a ton of help from so many people. I can’t say thank you enough. Not in any particular order: Polina for letting me go out on full-day (and nights) runs, and joining me a few times.   Read more

Tri For Fun Sprint Triathlon

July 19 2014, Pleasanton CA First triathlon! yay! Swim (400m) 6:49. Out of the water 24th. So it was my first time swimming in open water, and with a wet suit. I started too fast. Kevin warned me I guess, and I had that in mind, but it was hard to gauge my speed. couldn’t see the bottom obviously, and hard to know where I was. Plus the wetsuit helping, I probably felt too easy at first.   Read more

San Lorenzo River 50km

I signed up for this race mostly because of my previously great experience with coastal trail runs on the Cinderella trail 50k. But this time, I managed to get Polina and Lucy to sign up for the half marathon as well! So we left San Jose around 6am, and got to the start in Santa Cruz with a comfortable margin to pick up our t-shirts and bib, and get ready to run.   Read more

Cinderella 50km

Race report for the May 2014 Cinderella 50k. The race Cinderella Trail Run 50k (May 2014) with Coastal Trail Runs. The start being at 8am, I had planned to wake up at 6am, get ready in 15 min, drive for 1h and be there 45 minutes before the start. Turns out that I woke up at 5:15am, couldn’t fall back asleep, so I just got up, and drove up there. I had everything ready, so I had some time to drive a few more miles to get to a Starbucks, and eat almost a real breakfast 1.5h before the start.   Read more

The Old Goat's 50 miler

This is my race report for my first ultra-marathon, “Old Goat’s 50”. 50 miles (80km) in the mountains near L.A. The race The Old Goat’s 50 miler ( 170 people signed up. Only 64 finished the 50M. I have no idea how many actually started though, and how many decided to drop at the 50Km “Blue Jay” aid station (it was an option.) The course It was spectacular. 48 miles of single trail, only 2 miles were on the roads (around the start in the Blue Jay campground).   Read more

Perlin noise is amazing

Disclamer This is my take on Perlin noise. There are already tons of tutorials about Perlin noise on the web. There was probably no need for another one. The only reason that one exists, is that I was playing with it in javascript and HTML5/canvas, and had all the code ready. I just thought it would be cool to write a tutorial where each sample image is actually generated on the fly and painted on the page.   Read more

Inkscape Pattern Along Path

Ah HA! One more of these moments. As I think it happened many times on that one, I will take 5 minutes and write myself a (google-indexed) note: For pattern-along-path to work, both objects have to be paths (that’s easy), but more importantly, the pattern one, needs to be a closed path, i.e. a single line won’t work (it’s obvious why: Inkscape can not stretch a single line…). SO obvious when you know it.   Read more

Supervisor rolling restart

I recently “discovered” Supervisord, while looking at ways to run webservers. It’s much better than doing while [ 1 ]; do ./main; done in a screen session… Well, it’s not really hard to do something better than that… Anyway. It works well, and does what I want, except it’s missing rolling restarts. That is, when you have multiple instances of a program running, restart the first instance, check if it’s running correctly, if it is, restart the next instance, and so on.   Read more
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